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Mind Your Money

A practical guide
to sustainable investment

What we do in the next 10 years will determine our future

Humanity’s impact on the planet, its ecosystem, and climate has never been more impactful. In combination with increasing social inequalities it is clear that in this decade, we need to fix a lot of the issues we have created in the last century.

For most of us that can be overwhelming. But what if you were told that there is one action you can take that is over 20 times more effective than the combination of reducing your meat consumption, flights and driving your car? You would at least consider it, right?

Our investments matter

Money and where it is invested determines which industries thrive and which cease to exist. Investing sustainably is the only way to a positive future and something that everyone with savings or a pension should consider.


Made for everyone

This book is for everyone looking to change their private finances.

  • Experienced investors who are looking for sustainable alternatives
  • People who are new to investing and want to learn about best practices
  • Anyone interested in sustainable finance

Get a glimpse of what is at stake and why it is crucial that his decade has to be the time when sustainable investing becomes the norm. 

Get more clarity on what sustainable investing actually is and how you can identify it. This includes a thorough walk-through of what it means to invest sustainably and what to consider when planning to invest sustainably.

An overview of over 5 asset classes and what the advantages and disadvantages are in each. Ratings on each asset in over 8 different categories to ease comparison on environmental, social, and economic criteria.

Most importantly, not only tangible assets but also suggestions on specific ways of investing in each asset sustainably. And 5 portfolio suggestions to implement immediately, ranked based on their sustainability. 


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AUTHOR pattern

The idea of the book came one day when I was considering how to add more value to the world. As I have been investing my capital as sustainably as possible in the last 5 years, I figured that I have not only learned a substantial amount but also have applied that knowledge in my own investment portfolio. And that it was time to share that knowledge with other people wondering how to invest sustainably.

I am a serial climate entrepreneur, having co-founded ventures tackling sustainability issues such as methane removal (Powerblocks) and renewable energy finance in emerging markets (Trine). He is committed to inspiring positive change and youth leadership in sustainable development, as an advocate for a more sustainable world and in his role as entrepreneur, coach and author.

Joakim Sandberg
Professor of Practical Philosophy and Director of the Financial Ethics Research Group at University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Professor of Economics and Finance from a Humanist Perspective at University of Groningen, the Netherlands